Tom Tollen

KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY. Knowledge is power. But Tom Tollen (Thomas Tollen) and Tiffinie Clark-Tollen, owners of Highmark Homes LLC, and MTT Holdings, Inc., don’t want YOU to know how poorly this business is run.

You can see some rather disturbing records of professional and personal conduct exhibited by Tom Tollen documented at the following links:

This site was created by current and former customers of Highmark Homes to help potential home buyers make informed decisions. These customers purchased homes in Highmark’s developed communities around Puget Sound, WA.

Should I buy a home from Highmark Homes LLC, or MTT Holdings, Inc.?

Only you can make this important decision. But before you do, it’s good to have the right expectations up front, so that you can avoid the hassle, heartache, and disappointment that most of Highmark’s customers have experienced:

  • Massive delays during construction (9-12 months minimum)
  • Lack of communication and scheduling from the builder (or none at all)
  • Poor workmanship (sloppy trim and paint, cracked tile and grout, cabinet dents and scratches, etc.)
  • Grading, drainage, and flooding issues (particularly with garages, backyards, and crawl spaces)
  • Electrical problems, including mystery electrical shorts and wiring mistakes
  • False advertising (lot and yard size, easements, parking, fence lines, landscaping drawings, etc.)
  • Closing on an incomplete/unfinished home, with a large punch list of repairs needed
  • Delays in completing punch list repairs after closing (another 3-5 months)
  • Cheap appliances and fixtures
  • Very little landscaping (a couple tiny shrubs)
  • Broken promises (agreeing to items in a contract that were later retracted)
  • Weak concrete foundations that crack
  • Driveways paved improperly (and not to code) that crack, and flood garages

That being said, if you enter into a contract with Highmark Homes LLC or MTT Holdings, Inc. to build a new home in Washington, you can avoid some of these problems if you are proactive and have time to manage the process. Just be prepared for a long, hard fight, and use legal resources at your disposal. Drive through one of the Highmark Homes neighborhoods and ask around… You’ll find that neighbors are already discussing joint lawsuits.

If you have the time, and are prepared to put pressure on the builder and closely monitor the construction of your home, Highmark’s price point is attractive and the properties are a good value. On the other hand, if you want a builder you can trust, and don’t want to wait a year or more for your house to be built, run for the hills!

D and F Ratings with the Better Business Bureau

You can see some of the complaints for yourself, copied verbatim from the BBB website. The company had an “F” rating (1 out of 5 stars) in 2014. About 19 formal complaints have been filed with the BBB, most of them related to:

  • Guarantee/Warranty Issues.
  • Problems with Product/Service.

Homeowners have filed complaints with the offices of the city inspector, engineer, and the police department.

Highmark Homes LLC Contact Information

Highmark Homes LLC
16400 Southcenter Pkwy, Ste 210
Tukwila, WA 98188
(253) 981-4388

MTT Holdings, Inc. Contact Information

MTT Holdings, Inc.
16000 Christensen Road Suite 150
Seattle, WA 98188
(253) 981-4388

Highmark Homes LLC – Developed Communities

  • Hillcrest Landing, Mount Vernon, WA (Washington)
  • Waterside Lane, Bremerton, WA (Washington)
  • The Ridge at East Park, Bremerton, WA (Washington)
  • Bay Vista, Bremerton, WA (Washington)
  • Grass Lakes East, Olympia, WA (Washington)
  • Grass Lake Village, Olympia, WA (Washington)
  • Sylvan Way Meadows, Bremerton, WA (Washington)
  • Caldart Heights, Poulsbo, WA (Washington)
  • Cyrene, Olympia, WA (Washington)
  • School Place, Bellingham, WA (Washington)
  • Old Hurtig, Bothell, WA (Washington)
  • Lambert Creek, Lynnwood, WA (Washington)
  • Scriber Meadows, Lynnwood, WA (Washington)
  • Canyon Estates, Bothell, WA (Washington)
  • Avondale Glen, Poulsbo, WA (Washington)
  • Willows Ridge, Duvall, WA (Washington)
  • 6 on 85th, Redmond, WA (Washington)
  • Madeline Woods, Bremerton, WA (Washington)
  • Vintage Hills, Bremerton, WA (Washington)
  • Mt. Baker Home, Seattle, WA (Washington)
  • Boulevard Park, Burien, WA (Washington)
  • Cedarhurst, Burien, WA (Washington)
  • Burien Estates, Burien, WA (Washington)
  • Rainier Vista, Covington, WA (Washington)
  • Benchmark, Kent, WA (Washington)
  • Crystal Haven, Auburn, WA (Washington)
  • Valley Haven, Fife, WA (Washington)
  • Canyon Estates, Bremerton, WA (Washington)
  • And other locations, including Mill Terrace, Sunnjford, Hideaway, Talbot, Shoreview, North East Tacoma, Indigo Pointe, and LaGrande Station.

MTT Holdings, Inc. – Developed Communities

  • BENSON PLACE (Renton, WA)
  • BLACKJACK TERRACE (Port Orchard, WA)
  • CYRENE (Olympia, WA)
  • HIGHLAND GREENS (Mount Vernon, WA)
  • SW 108TH (Seattle, WA)
  • SYLVAN WAY MEADOWS (Bremerton, WA)
  • TANNER’S RIDGE (Lake Stevens, WA)
  • TRACYTON PLACE (Bremerton, WA)